To use a taxi service, customers can either hail a taxi on the street or contact a taxi dispatch center to request a pickup. In recent years, mobile applications have become popular for booking taxis. These apps allow users to enter their location, choose a destination, and request a taxi directly from their smartphones. The app typically provides information about the assigned driver, estimated time of arrival, and fare calculation.

A taxi service is a transportation service that provides on-demand rides to customers. It typically operates with a fleet of taxis and offers point-to-point transportation within a city or region. Taxi services are commonly used for various purposes such as daily commutes, airport transfers, sightseeing, and late-night transportation.

Taxi services are regulated in many jurisdictions to ensure passenger safety and fair pricing. Licensing requirements may include background checks for drivers, vehicle inspections, and adherence to specific operating standards. Additionally, taxi services are often subject to local regulations regarding pricing, insurance, and driver behavior.

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